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This hand-woven organic hemp/cotton carpet provides a natural & breathable surface for your sticky yoga mat as a topper or serves as a mat replacement for those who don't want to use a foam mat.This lovely mat would also make a great addition to any room as a rug over...

This hand-woven organic hemp/cotton carpet provides a natural & breathable surface for your sticky yoga mat as a topper or serves as a mat replacement for those who don't want to use a foam mat.

This lovely mat would also make a great addition to any room as a rug over wood floors or carpeting.

Material: 50% wild Himalaya hemp, 50% cotton

Dimension: length: with fringe approx. 200cm, without fringe: 185cm, width: approx. 65cm, thickness: approx. 3mm

Weight: approx. 1.5 kg

100 % vegan, 100 % natural

Included: Handmade yoga bag made of hemp and cotton

🌱  Back to the roots 🌱

A yoga carpet is actually nothing new.

Going back to the beginnings of the asana practice, yoga mats, as they are seen in almost every yoga studio today, were completely unknown. There was simply no such thing as yoga mats back then 🙂

For standing positions the floor was used and for sitting asanas until about 1980 a carpet was used, as known from the ancestor of the modern asana practice "Krishnamacharya".

His successors also relied on the proven carpet. Even today, practicing on a yoga carpet instead of a yoga mat is still very common in India.

The yoga carpet has thus tradition and is firmly at home in yoga.



Our yoga rug is made from 50% wild Himalayan hemp & 50% natural organic cotton. Unlike synthetic materials like rubber and nylon, no aggressive chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. The mat is free of PVC, AZO (solvent), DOP (benzene in softener), phthalates, latex and heavy metals, and softeners. So you can be sure that you will not harm yourself or our mother earth.

No synthetic smell of plastic mats!


Our yoga rugs are ethically made by craftsmen who are socially and economically disadvantaged in Nepal. The production also enables us to create jobs in the rural areas of the country. 10% of the company's profits are spent on the basic needs and education of their children. In addition, there is a focus on helping underprivileged women to gain financial independence by teaching them tailoring and self-employment skills. Through the production of various natural products, an attempt is made to develop a vision for change that can make a significant positive difference in the lives of the people of Nepal. Creating green jobs at the local level to support the livelihood of the local population is the long-term goal.


Hemp fibers have natural cooling & warming properties, are skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, perspiration and odour inhibiting, dirt repellent, a natural moisture regulator, moth-resistant and flame-retardant.


Our mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is light, can be rolled up without any problems and easily packed into the yoga bag.


There is nothing like the feeling of a yoga mat made of natural raw materials on your skin. Hand-woven from natural fibers grown from the earth. Is there a better way to get in touch with nature? Also haptically, for many yogis and yoginis it simply feels good to feel the structure of the carpet under the soles of their feet. Yoga on a carpet additionally strengthens the leg and foot muscles.


Many also use the yoga carpet as a complement to the yoga mat. In practice, a yoga rug differs from a usual mat because of its different characteristics and therefore automatically offers a different experience of the asanas, which can enrich the practice with new nuances. Some people like to use the yoga rug for vinyasa flows, because less traction can sometimes be helpful, others prefer to use it for calm, static postures Over the time you will find out when you prefer a yoga rug or a non-slip yoga mat. In any case the yoga carpet is a great, natural & puristic alternative.

At the beginning we recommend the use of a non-slip mat under a yoga carpet. - It keeps the carpet in place, provides good grip and keeps the carpet clean.

If you regularly use a yoga rug and lay it over your mat, the mat will not wear out as quickly. Many practitioners also lay their rug over their "sticky mat" to provide extra cushioning and to have natural fibers on their skin.

At some point, every yoga mat becomes dirty and has an unpleasant smell. With a carpet this happens exactly the same way, but this one can be washed more often & better. To get a foam mat really clean is again almost impossible. Instead of buying a new mat or practicing on the dirty old one, you better use a topper.


Did you know that more than 90% of yoga mat towels used as yoga toppers are made of microfibers? What exactly are microfibers?
"Microfibers are made from petroleum chemicals. The polyester and polyamide fibers are 100 times thinner than human hair. They are useful for removing dust, grease and dirt without the need for cleaning agents. But the big minus point is that they are from a non-renewable resource and are not biodegrade. Only the fibers that are made of polypropylene can be recycled. David Suzuki

Unfortunately it only gets worse. The more the synthetic garments or towels are washed, the more microplastic gets into our oceans.

Our hand-woven yoga rugs are ethically made and entirely from organic, chemical-free materials. The carpet is completely biodegradable, made entirely from renewable resources, and is latex and PVC free.

You will love the natural feel of the all natural fibers under your feet!



Hemp is one of the most sustainable, versatile and eco friendly plant in this world. We believe in hemp, we believe in handmade products, traditional skills and natural materials.


👉 NOTE: Please note that hemp is a natural product. Each item is handmade, handwoven and therefore unique. The color and shape of the item may differ slightly.


💧 Care & maintenance💧

In order to enjoy your product for a long time, the right care is important.

Spot cleaning, hand wash recommended!

This is a natural product that will continue to develop its charm in the course of its life - as, for example, a pair of jeans changes, hemp will change as natural fiber in the course of use in shape and color. This is a natural wear process.

In order to protect the fabric and the color of the handcrafted fabrics, we recommend to use a rain cover in humid weather and to not expose your product to extreme sources of light or heat.

For indoor and outdoor soiling, we recommend washing the item with hand-warm water by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle. Use ecological laundry products or a mild organic soap. For heavy soiling please use a brush with soft bristles and carefully brush the dirt out of the fabric. Avoid rubbing to avoid damaging the fiber unnecessarily. Let your item dry in the air, repeat the process if necessary. Dry cleaning is not recommended, nor is drying in the dryer. Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get softer after washing.


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