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With this cuddly warm winter hat made of hemp and cotton you are well equipped against cold and wind. Hemp breathes and works as a natural insulator, which means it cools in warm temperatures and warms naturally in the cold season.The cap combines the strength and durability that hemp has to...

With this cuddly warm winter hat made of hemp and cotton you are well equipped against cold and wind.

Hemp breathes and works as a natural insulator, which means it cools in warm temperatures and warms naturally in the cold season.

The cap combines the strength and durability that hemp has to offer with its exceptional softness and warmth.

The soft fleece lining inside is not only super comfortable to wear but also provides plenty of warmth on cold days. The plain look makes this great winter accessory - discreet and versatile.

A cool and natural accessory for the cold season. 

► warm, hand crocheted hat made of hemp & wool

► Fleece on the inside provides cozy warmth

► can be combined in many ways

💚 5% of every sold item goes to CHAY YA AUSTRIA. Cha Ya is a non-profit association for the global fight against poverty, which concentrates its projects mainly on remote, hard-to-reach areas. 💚

Material: himalayan hemp, cotton, fleece

Size: standard size


🤝 Let's make a contribution together! 🤝

For us, the use of sustainable and raw materials as well as production in family businesses and women's projects are part of a change in textile production that we want to see and support.

When manufacturing our products, we work exclusively with women's projects & family sewing workshops from Nepal. Our craftsmen receive a fair wage for their work, training, financial support and access to machines to make their work easier.

With a focus on sustainability, employment of local female entrepreneurs and family sewing workshops, the environment and resource conservation, Hempalaya aims to further promote and develop the lifestyles of people from the hilly and mountainous regions where the raw materials come from. We support local artisans with different social and economic backgrounds and provide health and education services to families and their children.


Hemp is one of the most sustainable, versatile and eco friendly plant in this world. For nearly 3000 years it has been our planet’s largest agricultural crop and the most important industry producing fibre, paper, clothing, fuel and medicine. Almost everything created out of hemp is biodegradable, so not only do hemp products seem to last a lot longer, but when it is time to replace them, they can be returned back to the earth.

- Hemp is and has always been earth’s’ most sustainable natural resource.
- Hemp grows extremely quick and is completely environmentally friendly
- No pesticides or herbicides are required for hemp cultivation.
- Industrial hemp can remove toxins from the soil.
- Hemp has no special soil quality requirements and thrives almost everywhere.
- The plant grows up to four metres in 100 days and is ready for harvest.
- Hemp is tear-resistant, durable and environmentally friendly.
- Skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, sweaty and odour-inhibiting.
- Hemp fabric is dirt-repellent and odourless.
- The microelectronic tension of the hemp fiber corresponds exactly to the same tension climate of the human skin.
- Hemp is a natural moisture regulator
- Hemp fibres are moth-resistant and flame retardant
- Hemp does not cause deforestation, but helps to reduce it.

👉 NOTE: The article was photographed in "stuffed" condition. The delivered article is "empty". Please note that hemp is a natural product. Each item is handmade, handwoven and therefore unique. The color and shape of the item may differ slightly.


💧Care & maintenance💧

In order to enjoy your product for a long time, the right care is important.

Spot cleaning, hand wash recommended!

This is a natural product that will continue to develop its charm in the course of its life - as, for example, a pair of jeans changes, hemp will change as natural fiber in the course of use in shape and color. This is a natural wear process. Thrusting threads and holes can be easily sewn by hand and stuffed.

In order to protect the fabric and the color fastness of the handcrafted fabrics we recommend to use a rain cover in humid weather and to not expose your product to extreme sources of light or heat (including sunlight) as well as to protect from wetness and friction.

For indoor and outdoor soiling, we recommend washing the item with hand-warm water by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle. Use ecological laundry products or a mild organic soap. For heavy soiling please use a brush with soft bristles and carefully brush the dirt out of the fabric. Avoid rubbing to avoid damaging the fiber unnecessarily. Let your item dry in the air, repeat the process if necessary. Dry cleaning is not recommended, nor is drying in the dryer. Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get softer after washing.


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